GoPro Mounts and Accessories

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GoXteam develops high-quality GoPro Mounts and Accessories that can last through the daily wear and tear of extreme sports.


If you are into wakeboarding, surfing, snowboarding or you simply just love taking selfies, GoXteam has an entire line of GoPro mounts and accessories designed for all your adventures! Capture wide-view shots with your GoPro Hero on the Xtend Pole or even attach your GoPro to our Xfloat Grip and reap the benefits of stable shots in the thrashing ocean while not taking the risk of losing your expensive camera.

GoPro Mounts and Accessories

Xtend Pole

Light-weight, Twist and Lock system GoPro Mount built for extreme conditions. Compact and Travel-friendly GoPro Accessory.

  • Safely Secure your GoPro® cameras on the solid mounting attachment – No adapters needed.
  • Full Compatibility – GoPro Hero4 Session compatible as well as all other GoPro Cameras.
  • Unique Twist & Lock System. Designed to easily extend & retract your Xtend Pole.
  • No Bolts and Screws. There are “NO” clips or screws to tighten the Xtend Pole to secure the perfect length.
  • Built to Last. Highest quality materials for durability & sturdiness – Anodized Aluminum, Poly Carbonate and EVA Rubber.  
  • Wrist-Strap. Thick and solid wrist strap that will not brake and risk losing your equipment.
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Xtend Pole Packaging

GoPro Accessories Built To Withstand The Toughest Conditions

Xfloat Grip

Multi-Purpose, Floating GoPro Mount made for water sport enthusiasts who don’t want to lose their $400 GoPro in the ocean. That would not be cool.

  • Floating Mount. The Xfloat Grip keeps your GoPro® camera afloat on the surface.
  • Full Compatibility – GoPro Hero4 Session compatible as well as all other GoPro Cameras.
  • Lightweight yet Sturdy. Practically indestructible! NO plastic parts.
  • Secure and Safe. Aluminum mounting attachment & thumbscrew to ensure your camera is secure.
  • Top Quality. Highest quality design for stability. No Shaking or Wobbling.
  • Wrist-Strap. Solid & adjustable wrist strap will secure you GoPro® at all times.
  • Travel-Friendly. pocket sized & lightweight design easily fits anywhere.
  • Tripod Ready. 1/4” threaded mount for any digital camera or tripod for fixed shots.
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Xtend Grip Packaging

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